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Dr. Al Humayem visits –Khaimat Al Iraq- camp for displaced

Dr. Al Humayem visits –Khaimat Al Iraq- camp for displaced people and emphasized that he wouldn’t quit the displaced people until they are coming back to their houses

When DR, Al Humayem reached,the children of the displaced people did a drama play that embodied the reality living of the displaced people among the carelessness that they face specially from the relief organizations that pretend the care for human rights, in that play a little child expressed the hard conditions they live by telling the Dr. Al Humayem to be their father and to stay with them until they could back to their houses and liberated from the terror’s hands

Dr. Alhumayem wander among the displace families and he distributed the food stuffs, blankets, beds and winter clothes

From their side the displaced people of –Khaimat al Iraq- camp thanked Dr. Al Humayem and they described him that he is the closest person to the displace people for his stands with them at the hard times