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(Miswak) Toothpicks … Prophetic year complaining of neglect.

More than 95% of people fail to use it

(Miswak) Toothpicks … Prophetic year complaining of neglect.

Although the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) counting the Miswak purifies the prophetic when he said that “the Miswak mouth his patients to the Lord …

Most citizens, who make up more than 95 percent, according to official statistics fail to use it and they are unaware of the value of this plant and its many benefits.

With others in the use of excessive and improper, in every time and place with the Miswak is impolite without knowing the proper times advised by our beloved prophet Muhammad (blessings).

Journal of the Islamic message, open this file it is important to know the reasons for not using the citizens of Miswak, and correct use of methods and times and what are the benefits and address. …..

Where to take the Miswak

According to sources the Miswak taken from the roots of trees in desert areas in the Arabian peninsula, Africa, India and America. It is cut from a tree called Arak in Arabic or Neem in India are broad and long-lived tree green with lush branches are intertwined with each other, and sometimes to a height of up to 10 metres or more. Long roots below the Earth’s surface, is extracted and then cut into small sticks are used as payment.

Research on Miswak

Scientifically conducted numerous studies on toothpicks, by researchers from the United States, Europe, and India and Pakistan. Research results are summarized in the juicer Miswak contain potent natural bacteria causing tooth decay and gum disease, and who use the Miswak

less susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease than those who don’t use it. Also, some components of the juice of the siwaak in their mouthwash is known as( Ballisterine. LaTeX) also contains fluoride, known as important for oral and dental health and other materials to protect the enamel layer and remove tartar and dental and prevent dryness, bleeding gums and reduce the chances of cancer of the mouth.

Add to this that the bristles effectively remove mechanically the Miswak Tartar from teeth and gums is activated like toothbrushes and have the ability to clean the surfaces of the teeth are smooth and strong. At the same time, the World Health Organization to promote the use of cash as a means of cleaning the mouth and teeth, especially in the poor world swak1 a normal toothbrush and is cheap and available to everyone and secreted themselves toothpaste that surpasses in quality all expensive toothpastes. And what has been done in the area of research the Miswak is making some cosmetic dental materials drawn from the Miswak like toothpaste and mouthwash that are adding tremendous scientific benefit of the MiswakIslam and the Miswak

Beginning our meetings was with the Director of the Department of Islamic guidance Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Falahi, which tell us about the Miswak is a Sunnah of the Islam, which reflected the greatness of Islam by his interest in public hygiene, especially dental and oral hygiene, and that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: ((that my nation harder for ordering them to Miswak when each prayer)).

This suggests that attention shows the greatness of Islam at an earlier time, even today, after the evolution of modern science, dental cleaners see also demonstrates the benefits of using the siwaak in medical components serving the teeth and gums and removes waste and yellow teeth, therefore the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is like a Pearl in the whiteness and beauty, and it leaves a good fragrance where you drink it.

How to use the Miswak

But our second was with Professor of comparative jurisprudence at the College of Imam Azam Ahmed Karim Mohammed Al-Azzawi, who said that the Prophet Muhammad-peace be upon him – was kept on using the Miswak at certain times: (before and after the prayer and before and after doing wudoo ‘ before and after sleep), then I went back to the Sunnah, so Muslims must apply this Sunnah is worship; she did her with flechettes and/or sub-ammunition is applying what the Prophet – peace –, is the maithab do And not recompense for the one who abandons it, do reap the reward.

And on the question what is the difference between Sunnah and Fard, Dr. Ahmed Al-Azzawi said that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) counting the Miswak and they differ from terminals – terminals that request to the inevitably and cram and not allowed him to leave accepted this assumption, in any case, either the year man in the choice she did you reward and that left it not taken or held accountable for this abandonment.


The proportion of citizens who don’t they use the Miswak is very large and is up to 95%; because they think the siwaak much like dental cleaners, because he used to clean teeth, but more importantly the siwaak is his patients to the Lord and the individual earns big reward when used, the Prophet in his life is our Lady Aisha-may Allah be pleased with her-anus. Dr. Al-Azzawi called on educational and religious institutions to highlight education for toothpicks, in concluding that the best way to use it is a Ministry of the Prophet-peace be upon him – it was impolite to his left and was driven into his mouth left and North, horizontal and vertical.

Medical opinion

Then we met the teaching of medical drugs in College of Pharmacy Professor Maha Noori which stated that the siwaak contains (vitamin c) and a tannin is one of the best treatments for teeth working on strengthening the gums and mouth removes stains are spayed and physiotherapy for gums and soothing pain and cavities and bacteria and fungi and also gas centrifuge carminative and infertility have a large effect on fat removal. As well as it is one of the most important treatments for smoking cessation and teeth whitening to fit over