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Dr. Al Humayem and Dr. Alawee emphasize about the speech unity and abandon the sectarian and impose the law

Dr. Alawee said “Dr. Al Humayem an icon of Iraqi icon, and we back up all his stands and national initiatives.

President of Sunni Endowment Diwan Shaikh Al Humayem received Dr. Alawee and his delegation in his residence on Monday 18-1-2016. Dr. Alhumayem said that the displacing experiment was tragic, and the displaced people suffering a catastrophic composition. And what happened in Diyala governorate was crime and out law and the law must impose. The delegation were deputy Mr. Adnan Al Janabi ,deputy Kadhim Al Shimari ,ex-communication minister Mohammed Alawee and member of Al Anbar governorate assembly Mr. Taha Abdul Ghani.

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