Latest News The Prime Minister of Iraq Adil Abd Al Mahdi receives the president of the Iraqi Sunni Endowment Dr.Abdul latif Al Heymem         Dr. Abdul latif Al Heymem announces the laying of the base stone,         The Engineering Directorate is evaluating the direct celebration with the work of rehabilitating and consolidating the minaret of Al khulafa’a in Baghdad.         Dr. Ạlhemyem meets in Abu Dhabi Minister of interior and minister of culture of Emiratis and looking with them a plan for reconstruction Al-Noori mosque and its minaret         Dr. Ạlhemyem participates in the UNESCO Conference in France in cooperation with Iraqi and global commissions         Dr. Ạlhemyem continues to distribute water to the people of Basra and confirms that the campaign will continue until the crisis is over         In the presence of the president of the Sudan, Mr. Omar Hassan Al -Bashir         Dr. Abdul latif Al Heymem visits the office of pilgrims of Iraq in Al Madina Al Monawara         Dr. Ạlhemyem delivered Al-Juma’a speech at Al-Noor mosque in central Sudanese capital Khartoum         Dr. Ạlhemyem is visiting the republic of the Sudan and meet with the minister of higher education and scientific research and is looking for joint cooperation        

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Iraq , Baghdad

26 / May / 2019


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