Latest News Dr. Ạlhemyem and the minister of higher education and scientific research confirm their great support for the Imam Ahdam College for upgrading scientific and educational level         Dr. Abdul latif Al Heymem is visiting the nursing home, providing money for them and donating the covering floor of the house.         Dr. Ạlhemyem receives the ambassadors of several states         Dr. Abdul latif Al Heymem opens the book fair in religious education and Islamic studies directorate         Joint statement by Dr. Ạbdul latif Al Heymem and director of the office of the United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO) in Iraq, Ms. Luisa         Dr. Ạlhemyem meets Sheikhs of the council of scientists of Iraq         Dr. Ạlhemyem meets with the sub-Scientific Council in al-Anbar and emphasizes its effective role in awareness-raising, and advice         The President of the Iraqi Sunni Endowment Dr.Abdul latif Al Heymem receives Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq         Dr.Abdul latif Al Heymem and Andnosyan ambassador discussed many issues         The President of the Iraqi Sunni Endowment Dr.Abdul latif Al Heymem assuring that during the conference on support policies for the displaced people        

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Iraq , Baghdad

23 / Jun / 2018


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