Latest News the Head of the Sunni Endowment, .Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Hemyem, meets at his residence in Moscow         The Head of the Sunni Endowment Dewan discusses with The Turkish Company Tika the possibility of rehabilitating and reconstructing mosques and religious shrines in Iraq         Senior religious scholars meet in Mecca to unite fatwa on hajj         Al-Hemyam meets al-Attiyah in Mecca to discuss the situation of Iraqi pilgrims         Dr. Al-Hemyam meets with the committee of students studying outside Iraq         The Supreme Waqf Council holds its regular meeting and discusses a number of projects         Dr. Al-Hemyam discusses with a delegation from the Iraqi Media Network joint cooperation and coordination         The Sunni Endowment Office in cooperation with the High Commission for Hajj and Umrah holds the annual indicative conference this year 1440 Ah -2019         Dr. Al-Hemyem receives a delegation from the National Consensus Council of Pakistan         Dr. Al-Hemyem receives UNESCO Deputy Director-General and Director of UNESCO’s Iraq Office to discuss close cooperation and joint agreements        
  • Senior religious scholars meet in Mecca to unite fatwa on hajj

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Iraq , Baghdad

15 / Sep / 2019


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