Latest News The President of Iraqi Sunni Endowment Dr.Abdul latif Al Hemyem distributed aids         Dr. Al-Hemyem met the British political counselor and discusses the situations in Iraq         Dr. Al-Hemyem and the head of UNISCO in Iraq put the plans of cooperation to rebuild prophet Younis minaret and mosque         Awaqf Supreme Council praises the achievements of the Iraqi Sunni Endowment with Sheikhs of Al-Azhar         Dr. Al-Hemyem participates in the interactive meeting between the Czech delegation and the Iraqi Awqafs presidents         Dr. Abdul latif Al-Hemyem confirmed to the people of Mosul that he stands with them and he will help them to rehabilitate their city         Dr. Abdul latif Al-Hemyem headed a meeting for the members of the National Islamic campaign against Terrorism and Extremism         The President of the Iraqi Sunni Endowment Dr. Abdul latif AL-Hemyem headed         Dr. Al-Hemyem : ‘’ what has been said in media is untrue and the aim from doing that obstacles the reforming steps and the achievement of Endowment (Diwan)’’         Dr. Abdul latif Al Hemyem participates in the celebration of Awqaf Baghdad Al Karah f        

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Iraq , Baghdad

20 / Aug / 2017


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