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Dr. Abdul latif Al Hemyem directs messages to people in the liberated areas

during the speech of Jumaa from Mosul city
Dr. Abdul latif Al Hemyem directed messages to people of Mosul in the liberated areas on the left side of city and he thanked the security forces for their sacrifices.
Dr. Al Hemyem addressing the soldiers and said :” the soldiers of this nation are undisputed heroes of this era they are challenging death for life they are proficiency with their blood for the sake of humanity pointing out that this miracle of the victory .
He confirmed that the military institution is the guarantor for the security of the community.
The second message do not take the garland of roses from the city it is a glory to anyone who shining their eyes with the glory of sacrificing .
The third message to Iraq people we have no choice but the choice of illegal state that based on the equal citizenship without discrimination.