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President of Sunni Endowment Diwan receives member of Swiss bishop assembly for religions delegation Mr. Riboyout Simon

President of Sunni Endowment Diwan Dr. Al Humayem received member of Swiss bishop assembly for religions delegation Mr.  Riboyout Simon.

Dr. Al Humayem showed in front of the guests the efforts of the Sunni Endowment Diwan against the terrorism, extreme and exaggeration by launching the biggest campaign in the Middle East under a slogan –The National Islamic Campaign for Opposition the Exaggeration, Extreme and Terrorism-

He showed that this campaign works on four directions, i.e. the first direction is the religious, by holding  the biggest religious conference  consisting more than 3500 religious men ,and this conference is pointing to re-express the religious speech and qualifying the speech caller on average and  straightness, and qualifying the person from atonement culture to the thinking , and from chaos culture to the peace culture through more than 500 qualifying courses ,the second direction is the education side ,where a scientific conference was held by  more than 3200 academic  audience  of various specials and this conference is pointing to rebuild the curriculum  by keeping the genuine

And responding to the modern spirit

The fourth direction that the president of Diwan mentioned was the media direction by agreeing with seven wide circulation satellite channels to produce a weekly show for one hour and replied for another two times, and this show alternates 50 religious men ,our purpose of this show is to expose the correct Islam image and opposes the exaggeration and refusing the atonement and destruction thoughts  .

The last direction that Dr. Al Humayem talked about is to uninstall the thinking map for the terrorism into 72 items by big team who will search all the items through scientific ways and introducing researches for them.

Also Dr. Al Humayem mentioned that Sunni Endowment Diwan is doing great efforts in relieving the displaced people by covering all the camps with aids that contain –food stuff shares, beds and blankets-in addition to sick people’s cure and opening schools to educate the displaced pupil and building mosques for citizens.

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